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Grove Park

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Excellent veterinary care for your pet

Are you looking for an exceptional veterinary clinic with a great reputation and high levels of customer and pet service? Abingdon and Grove Park Veterinary Clinics are your local veterinary clinics who really care about the well-being of your furry friend.


Our vets are all very experienced. We allow 15 minutes per consultation, each one on an appointment only basis to ensure that your pet is examined properly and without being rushed. New puppies and kittens are given ½ hour consultations, enough time to answer all those questions!

Why choose our clinics?

Our practice is one of the best equipped in London, allowing us to handle most medical and surgical cases in-house. We maintain very good links to specialist centres where pets in need of intricate surgery or highly specialised tests can be referred if necessary. The skills available within modern medicine and surgery today are truly astonishing.


Our equipment range allows us to perform X-rays, ultrasonography, endoscopy, dentistry, blood pressure monitoring, ECG's, most soft-tissue and orthopaedic surgery, and blood analyses. We also have intricate anaesthetic monitoring and delivery systems and equipment for critical care. And finally, unlike most other practices, all of our surgical nurses our fully qualified, ensuring that your pet is always in the best of hands.


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For a complete range of surgical and medical veterinary services.

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