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Let's get your pet moving again

Has your pet undergone surgery and needs help with recovery? Or do they have physical problems or a lameness which you would like to try to improve? Our clinics can offer you an expert pet physiotherapy service to help aid your pets' recovery and mobility.


Physiotherapy is available by arrangement with Joanne Boddy and her colleagues, our visiting chartered therapist. Joanne now specialises in veterinary physiotherapy after many years in the human field, usually on a referral basis from within the practice.

How can physiotherapy help your pet?

Physiotherapy can be an extremely useful therapy to relieve many forms of lameness or painful musculoskeletal conditions and can also be used to improve and shorten the recovery period after some forms of surgery.


To book an appointment with Joanne, please call the team and we will find an appointment suitable to you and your pet.

Pet physiotherapy services in London

Is your pet suffering from lameness or physical conditions?


Why not see what our pet physiotherapy sessions can do for your furry friend.

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