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Professional puppy training

Is your four-footed friend causing mischief at home? Or are you looking to socialise your puppy in a safe and friendly class? Abingdon Veterinary Clinic offers you an excellent puppy training class at a great competitively priced rate.


We offer puppy pre-school classes in our Abingdon clinic for puppies that have had their first vaccination. Your puppy will have the opportunity to socialise with other puppies and we’ll address house-training issues, dealing with nipping and chewing, and basic puppy obedience. More information is available on our dog trainer’s website: The Dog Coach.

Is your puppy vaccinated?

Is your puppy not yet vaccinated? Never fear.


We run many veterinary nurse clinics or you can simply call us to book your pooch in for their vaccines.


Our friendly team are ready to take your pets details and book you an appointment today.

Puppy classes and training in London

Looking to socialise and train your puppy?

Abingdon Veterinary Clinic

Book your puppy into a training class from our friendly expert today!