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Our nurses are highly trained professionals and are often the first port of call when contacting the clinic. Their skill and experience is often available for free and you are welcome to discuss any issue with them at any time, be that on the phone or at the clinic itself. Unlike most other practices, all of our surgical nurses our fully qualified, ensuring that your pet is always in the best of hands.


We operate a variety of "nurse clinics", some of which are offered at no charge e.g. Dental check-ups or weight-control classes. Others form a back-up service to existing, ongoing treatments and might therefore be chargeable.

Expert care from our expert veterinary nurses.

Our nurses can perform a wide variety of tasks including bandage changes, blood tests, blood pressure monitoring, pre- and post-op checks, suture removals and the administration of injections. They can help with training and behavioural problems and can even help with complementary medicines and therapies.


Get in touch to discuss any of your pet related problems. Our clinics will have the solution for you.

Veterinary Nurse Clinics in London

In need of Nurse Clinics, Telephone Advice and Support?


Find out more information relating to our veterinary nurse clinics including schedules and drop-ins.

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